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Hotel booking rules

When booking a room, please be sure to indicate your contact phone number, as well as e-mail or fax number (applications without the specified contact details will not be considered).

Checkout time - 12 am local time in Irbit (MSK +02:00).

Upon arrival at the hotel before check-out time (early check-in) and check-out after check-out time, check-in is made only if there are free rooms and additional payment.

Check-in at no additional cost is possible only if there is a free room of the booked category or at the time specified in the booking confirmation (in case of non-guaranteed early check-in, breakfast is not included in the price).

When checking out after checkout time, the fee is charged in the following order:

From 6 to 12 hours after the checkout time - a fee of half the cost of the room (half of the day)

From 12 to 24 hours after the checkout time - a fee in the amount of the full cost of the room (full day)

When staying at the hotel for no more than a day, payment is charged for one day.

Free cancellation of the reservation is accepted 24 hours before the date of arrival.

In case of late cancellation, lateness, no-show, a fine equal to the cost of 1 day will be charged.

After filling out an application for booking a room, wait for a confirmation call from the administrator and (or) confirmation of booking a room by e-mail or fax.

Without a call from the administrator and (or) sent confirmation by mail, the room is not considered booked.

For children under 6 years old - hotel accommodation is free of charge, unless an extra bed is provided.

Smoking in hotel rooms is strictly prohibited!

Our hotel is a smoke-free zone because we care about our guests and try to protect you from the harm of tobacco smoke (in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of February 23, 2013 N 15-FZ "On protecting the health of citizens from tobacco smoke and the effects of tobacco use").

After getting acquainted with the "rules for booking a hotel", you will be able to:

Book a room at the best price if you have taken care of booking one or two weeks before the expected date of settlement and made an advance payment.

Children under the age of 6 who do not require their own bed will be able to stay at the Arcturus Hotel free of charge.

When making a booking, please wait for confirmation. This may be a call from the administrator of the establishment or a corporate confirmation sent to your email address or fax.